The best vegan iron sources

In this article we’ll be discussing the subject of iron, what it is, the importance of iron in the human body, where as a vegan you can get it from and why as vegans we don’t need to worry too much about obtaining adequate levels of iron as this is really easy if you follow […]


In this post we will be exploring the subject of calcium, what calcium is, where vegans can find the best sources of calcium, and what is the importance of calcium to the human body. We will also look at the role vitamin D plays to make calcium more biologically active. Please put your feet up, […]


In todays article we will be discussing what zinc is, how much you need with upper and lower levels and the roles it plays within the human body. We’ll also look in to vegan food sources for zinc and the side effects of supplementing with too much zinc over a long period of time. ZINC […]

What is vitamin d3 cholecalciferol

The aim of this article is to explain what vitamin d3 cholecalciferol is. I’ll be looking at the uses of vitamin d3 along with its function of vitamin d in the body. I’ll be looking at vitamin d3 health benefits, what is vitamin d good for, vitamin d3 benefits in the body, in depression natural […]


In this article, I will be exploring the challenging concept of being a vegan and getting enough Vitamin B12 in our diets. I will be exploring what it is, what its purpose is, vitamin B12 deficiencies,  vitamin B12 food sources and the fallacy of vitamin B12 vegan food sources and the challenges of meeting these needs […]

Omega 3 5 6 7 9

Hello and welcome to website where we are going to discus Omega 3 5 6 7 9 what they are and more importantly, where to find them in a vegan diet. We are going to split this post in to 5 sections so without further ado, let us start with. OMEGA 3  Creative Commons Attribution-Share […]

Soy really isn’t healthy for you

In this post, I aim to explain the reasons why Soy really isn’t healthy for you. I’ll be touching on such topics as phytates, trypsin inhibitors Soy phytoestrogens, toxic lysinoalanine carcinogenic nitrosamines and other issues. I hope you find this an informative and interesting read on why “Soy really isn’t healthy for you.” High phytic […]

The top vegan protein sources – vegan solutions to protein.

As a former fitness buff becoming vegan, I felt it was necessary to cover the subject of protein, how to get enough and why vegan sources are actually a superior source for your body to use. I’ll also cover some health benefits. However, as promised and before I go off topic here is a decent […]

About Craig and Rachel.

About Craig & Rachel Hi. My name is Craig and I’m from Scotland and my partner in crime is Rachel from Michigan in the states. We are both single parents and a little barmy lol and we both have a shared passion for nutrition. Rachel and I have been raised and grown up in an […]